Provo Sailing Club Circumnavigates the Island of Providenciales

Provo Sailing Club

PSC LogoProvo Sailing Club Circumnavigates the Island of Providenciales

In the early hours of October 5th, 2013, Provo Sailing Club members were rigging their boats as they prepared to cast off for the 60 mile journey around the entire island of Providenciales.  Sailing instructors, Adam Twigg and Robin Spruce along with 8 junior sailors, Alex Cox, Buzzy Lawson, Ciara Dempsey, Daniella Douglas, JJ Affleck, Leial Missick, Phoebe Twigg, and Samiel Antoine pushed away from shore of Children’s Park in the Bight at 6am with the expectation of arriving back at approximately 2pm.

The Provo Sailing Club is pleased and very proud that 8 of its competent junior sailors, aged between 14 and 18, took up the challenge of sailing around Providenciales anti-clockwise on Hobie Cat Wave catamarans.  All the participants have achieved at least the Level 2 certificate of sailing proficiency, and have been active participants in the racing series at the Provo Sailing Club.  Additionally, they have taken part in smaller “sail away” days, in preparation for this adventure.  They met several times to plan the day, deciding upon the best route, factoring in tides and wind speeds, and including being prepared for any medical, emergency and equipment issues that may arise.

As the sun came up on October 5th, the sailors enjoyed the depths of the Atlantic Ocean while they travelled outside the coral reef, one mile from land in 7000 feet of water.  The colour transformation from turquoise to deep dark blue was a beautiful sight – an invigorating start to the days’ event.  Travelling anti-clockwise they reached Sapodilla Bay on the south side for a rest and lunch break at 12:30pm, 6 ½ hours after starting at dawn.  From this point onward the sailboats could be seen from several locations as they continue and pressed on to complete the journey before dark.  As the day progressed and the winds became lighter than expected it was apparent that this journey would take much longer than anticipated. At 7:30pm, with parents, friends and media waiting onshore at Children’s Park the sailors arrived in complete darkness.  For the last ½ hour of the sail they had joined their boats together, side-by-side, and came to shore this way.  The sense of accomplishment was felt by all – a truly amazing feat!  Congratulations to all participants for your dedication to the sport and for your determination to complete this incredible 13 1/3 hour journey.  Well done!


by Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty ~ proud sponsors of PSC

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