Turks & Caicos Market Report – 4th Quarter 2019

Turks & Caicos Real Estate Closes The Decade With Record Shattering Year On the Strength of Luxury Villa Sales

Turks & Caicos real estate sales closed out the second decade of the 21st-century with a bang, after entering it tepidly in 2010, as the following graphs demonstrates that villa sales represented around 52% of the total market in 2019. Circa $219.7M of the record $334.7M dollar volume were villa sales with a stunning average price point of $1.98M. This incredibly impressive performance speaks volumes for the power of the Turks and Caicos Islands brand, our private and public sector, and our wonderful investors, homeowners and visitors. If the past ten years can make history as our decade of the luxury villas, what will the next ten years’ headline be?

Link here to full report

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