TCI Real Estate Market Continues to Ride Momentum of Historic 2021

Turks & Caicos Real Estate Market Report – 2nd Quarter 2022 YTD Comparison

As we read through the headlines of each market report, since the tipping point at the end of 2011, one can sense how the momentum has escalated throughout the past decade. Turks & Caicos Islands is no longer a secret and has become the luxury standard for investors and vacation homeowners. These yearly successes have helped our country overcome the odds, firstly in 2017 with Hurricane Irma and then in 2020 with the Pandemic. We remained cautiously optimistic during both of those occasions and now look back with pride for our community, private sector and the TCI Government and the good guidance and support provided by all throughout.   

So how does a real estate market follow such a monumental year in sales? We can look to the financial advisors for their analysis such as the Baker Tilly report, within our Caribbean region, with recent headlines of “Investors Bullish on Caribbean Tourism Boom”. The newly published survey for 2022 is a robust report that shows several indicators that both Banks and Non-Bank Lenders are confident that the Caribbean real estate and tourism growth will continue for the next 12 to 18 months. Link to Baker Tilly Survey Here. What does this mean for Turks & Caicos Islands? Thankfully, several developers have exciting projects on the forefront which will be launched very soon. New developments and emerging re-sale inventory will help bridge the gap to sustain our market’s decade-long momentum. The fast-paced sales cycles witnessed in 2021 and first quarter of 2022 have tapered off in some areas positioning buyers for a hopeful replenishment in depleted inventory.

Another indicator of our sustained and continued growth is Standard & Poor’s affirmation of our country’s sovereign credit rating for long-term bonds, denominated in both domestic and foreign currency, of BBB+. Furthermore, S&P believes the TCI will continue to adhere to prudent financial management and limit borrowing, and that fiscal reserve balances will increase during the next two years. Link to TCI Weekly News Article.  

The gauge where real estate agents have our finger on the pulse is with our clients and owners of TCI real estate. This is the barometer that is at the core and best defines the health and sustained growth of our market. With 85% of TCI real estate owners from North America, we can sense the ebb and flow with investor confidence within our market which is historically linked directly to the USA and NA. 

Now for our current market report for the first half of 2022, the market stats are holding up quite well to last year’s historic run. Condominium sales continue to be strong with a sales volume increase of 42.54%, led by the Rock House completion, Ritz Carlton sales completions carryover and robust condominium re-sales. In 2021, buyers were focused on single family villas until inventory depleted, and now in 2022 they are concentrating on condominiums at all price ranges. The Overall Market finished a mere 10.5 % down over last years’ Q2 with $327,501,259 in total sales.   

Even in the face of world events and economic shock waves led by inflation, TCI continues to see steady demand for quality real estate, though certainly a bit less frenetic than in 2021. Q3 and Q4 will see the launch of significant blue chip new developments, which bodes well for future inventory and our evolving luxury tourism product.  

We welcome you to view the full report for new listings and market graphs illustrating the decade long momentum.  Download the full report with one of the links below.

Link to PDF Report

Digital Flip-Book Link Here

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