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Boathouse Start of Construction

With 60% of the Boathouses now reserved and sold, the site preparations are well under way to allow for a commencement of the foundation works by the end of August. The ground levels of the Boathouse Peninsula have been raised to the final floor slab level and the excavation of the adjacent yacht basin are complete.

While Building A is fully sold out and only one corner unit remains, the Buildings B through E are also enjoying strong demand.

With start of construction, all 2 bedroom Boathouses are now offered with the rooftop terraces included. Additional square footage has been factored into the rooftop design making it over 600 sq. ft. in size. The possibility of offering an adjoining door between the two units to create a total of 5 bedrooms remains.

Prices range from $885,000 – $1,350,000.

The Lagoon Fully Sold Out

With the Lagoon neighorhood fully sold out, construction is well underway. Eleven villas have commenced, and by the end of August all eighteen will be under construction scheduled for completion by end of Q4 2022.

The Lagoon islands have been created and landscaped and gym and spa buildings will follow in due course.

Ocean Estate Over 60% Sold Out

South Bank is pleased to announce that over 60% of the Ocean Estate villas are sold out, with only one or two of each villa design remaining.

Construction at Ocean Estate Bluff Villa 03 and Shoal Villa 04 is underway with foundations poured and signature pool footings installed. Shoal Villa 08 will be complete in the Fall. Shoal Villa 11, 12, 15 and Reef Villa 17 site clearings are scheduled imminently and Banks Villa 16 is nearing ground floor level completion.

3 Architectural Firms that are Redefining Caribbean Design

We’re all familiar with the trademarks of traditional Caribbean architecture. Wrap around verandahs, louvered windows, stone walls, arched doorways and colourful shutters functioning as both embellishment and protection. These homes have long served as staples of our history, peppering the shorelines and hilltops of Providenciales, from the original settlements, to the first wave of foreigner migration to T&C’s shores, with builds pioneered by the Ward family.

With development now taking on more of a steady rolling swell, rather than a crest with peaks and troughs, the last decade of T&C’s home design has seen the emergence of a more contemporary aesthetic. As a personal example I (FINALLY) made the transition from an open air home with louvered windows and gorgeous breezes through most of the year, to hurricane rated glass windows and an eco-friendly air condition system 🙂 As an avid lover of traditional Caribbean design, I never thought I’d say this, but I haven’t looked back since.

My example is a humble residential perspective of someone who feels deep roots to this timeless aesthetic, but with a steady influx of international buyers, I’m not alone in my pursuit of home design with an increasingly modern tilt. Below are 3 architectural firms that are truly transforming the landscape of Providenciales and redefining how we think about Caribbean design:

  1. Blee Halligan Architects

London and TCI based firm Blee Halligan Architects cut their teeth as development partner to Windward on the Blue Cay project and have continued this partnership on the South Bank project and The Peninsula at Emerald Estate, four standalone contemporary Beach Houses on the exclusive northeastern tip of Leeward, which are undeniably the showpiece properties of the collection. Blee also works on private projects throughout Providenciales, building on their design ethos of building in nature; designing for specific geographic, climatic and cultural nuances of the locale.

  1. Jacobsen Arquitetura

Beach Enclave is known for outside the box thinking, enter stage left, the first ever South American architectural firm to design in the Turks and Caicos. Hired to create minimalist low impact designs for the Beach Enclave Long Bay expansion and Beach Enclave North Shore second phase, Jacobsen Arquitetura successfully provided integrated designs to two seemingly varying sites. Linear design using natural materials, space and light, combine to create comforting ordered spaces with zero distractions to evoke a feeling of calm, provided by both the clean interiors and tropical views the designs overlook.

  1. James Hamilton Architects

With over 20 years’ experience designing homes in Turks & Caicos as well as an international presence in Ireland and Great Britain, James Hamilton Architects pride themselves on empathetic design, with their clients needs at the heart of their process. A browse through their website will illustrate the numerous projects they’ve been involved in, and the varied nature of the homes they can produce. A personal favourite is Villa Fred, which marries the softness of cedar shingled roofing, order of symmetry and more modern linear elements like planked roofing, recessed lighting and pocket sliding doors opening to expansive views.

Why I Love December in Turks and Caicos

  1. The Trade-winds are back
Sunset over Grace Bay beach

Anyone who has lived in the Equatorial zone, or has traveled to the Caribbean/S. America over the years during Christmas season, will be familiar with the Trade-winds. The Trade-winds, dominate most of the tropics and subtropics throughout the world and are a nearly constant (they only drop away during end of September and October) northeasterly wind in our hemisphere, that starts to blow in November of every year. By the time December rolls around we experience whether akin to Aspen, Colorado.  Think bright blue skies with the sun beating down, but a cool chill in the air.  Substitute snow-capped mountains for swaying palm trees and sandy beaches and you begin to get a feel for the special draw of Turks and Caicos (‘T&C’) during the holiday Christmas period.

  1. Boat trips
Coral is beautiful to look at, but we don’t allow it to be taken out of the sea 🙂

Every December 26th since I was a child, we have enjoyed a Boxing Day boat trip on the Atabeyra.  For those with British heritage you’re familiar with the joys of Boxing Day, which for all intents and purposes, is a much less chaotic day than its forefathers Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Irish call it Wren Day, other countries call it St Stephen’s Day, but for all who celebrate it, in practicality it has become a day to relax and unwind after the stress of the holiday season is over, and gather with friends and family to enjoy a final day of good food and great company.  If you can enjoy this holiday, or any other day in December on a boat, you’re quids in!  Boating is a year-round event in T&C, and it doesn’t stop during Christmas.  The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and we’re still swimming in the ocean.  Granted the sea may be a little colder than we locals like it, but there’s no better way to wash off the cobwebs than taking a Boxing Day plunge, and let’s face it, anyone from the Northeastern seaboard or Europe would laugh if they heard us admitting we find it a little cold!  The temperature is akin to taking a dip in the Mediterranean during Summer time, refreshingly cool, enough to enliven your skin and leave you feeling renewed and energized.

  1. Inter-island travel is open again
Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos

If you, like many, have been confined to your homes/apartments since the outbreak of COVID-19, self-isolating, locked-down and going through the rigmarole of at home schooling like the saint that you are, imagine jumping on a ferry with your family (face mask on of course) and making your way over to North Caicos (population approx. 1,500).  From North Caicos, you can rent a car and head over to Middle Caicos on the causeway to explore the caves and bluffs with virtually no one else in sight. Fresh air, clean breezes, big ocean and natural adventures abound in North and Middle Caicos, and are just what the doctor ordered after months and months of quarantine. Sure, you can stay cooped up in your apartment until the frost from winter thaws, or you can safely enjoy all that T&C’s sister islands have to offer, and give your family the gift of a memory they may not have otherwise had.

  1. Outdoor Activities
Tip of the Tail Villa

With the end of the dreaded hurricane season in November, December’s climate is well known as the most hospitable environment for international travelers. We’ve talked about boating and beaching, but there is no end of outdoor activities to take advantage of.  With highs in the low 80’s and lows in the high 70’s, December is a perfect time to get on that kayak or paddle-board and explore miles and miles of unspoiled natural environment. Mangroves, the same ecosystem that protects our shorelines during hurricanes, are peaceful and rife with small marine life, turtles and bird watching for the nature lovers out there.  There are many places where you can enjoy these activities conveniently just by stepping out of your private villa’s backyard, like Tip of the Tail Villa.  Otherwise you can join one of the many operators on a guided tour of these precious ecosystems.  I especially like Big Blue Collective who have long been ahead of the game in focusing on small private groups and preservation of the flora and fauna of T&C.

  1. The Seven Stars Xmas tree
Shot by Kaieri Media

Call me crazy, but without the usual queues of the seasons you receive when you live in the Temperate zone, its tough to know when Xmas is on its way.  We tend to live in a perpetual endless summer in T&C, but there are a few key indicators that the Christmas season is well under way.  The first of these signs is the lighting of the giant Christmas tree that has long been an annual tradition.  In years gone by the space that Seven Stars now occupies, used to be home to one of the first resorts in T&C, the Ramada, and after that it changed hands to the Allegro.  Those times are a distant memory now, and it’s hard to imagine a time when Seven Stars wasn’t Seven Stars.  The resorts on this prime beachfront land are so varied in aesthetics, but the one common feature, other than the land they’ve occupied, is the lighting of the Xmas tree.  That’s the thing about traditions, they stand the test of time.

Written by:

Courtney Chapman

6 Properties Sold with the Help of Technology


Video provided by Kaieri Media

You may have heard the term “disruptor” being thrown around over the last few years. Uber Eats would be a well known example, as a company that caused radical change to an existing industry or market by means of innovation, in this case to the F&B industry. Air B&B would be another example of a disruptor company for the Hospitality industry. Though we technically can’t categorise COVID-19 as a company, the virus’s advancement worldwide, has caused radical change, not only to the way we do business in all private sectors, but also to the way we live. The term disruptor is somewhat misleading, in that it implies a negative interference with the norm. Though change on any level can be unsettling, the Uber Eats and Air B&B’s of the world have brought positive improvements to the F&B and Hospitality industries, by widening the traditional net of employment and consumer base through convenience and accessibility.

In 2020 the COVID-19 virus has been the disruptor of the Real Estate industry. Our process for selling homes still relies ultimately on the guiding principles of trust and connection with our buyers and sellers, but we have had to pivot quickly to replace what has traditionally been a face to face industry, marked by in person viewings and showings. With the help of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and the importance placed on the use of technology, thankfully we’ve been in a position to make the most of our new reality and cater to our clients needs by hosting virtual spotlights, creating 3D virtual Matter-ports, and taking buyers on Facetime walk throughs. Below is a list of 6 properties sold, either wholly, or with the assistance of technology.

  1. The Wright House
Listed and sold by Michael Bovell

The Wright House in Chalk Sound, overlooks Silly Creek with waterfront vistas abounding. A perfect example of the power of technology to affect a sale and purchaser. The Wright House was listed in July 2020 and sold after 37 days on market, all, wait for it…virtually. The purchasers were familiar with Turks & Caicos and made contact with the listing agent who toured them through the property on Face time and found a connection for them – a perfect fit of homeowner with home – they loved the decor, the layout, the views, the location, and the property had signed contracts for its purchase within two weeks of the list date for $1.1M.

  1. Villa Rocco
Listed by Michael Bovell, sold by Dee Agingu

Just across the way from The Wright House, in private Silly Creek estate, Villa Rocco, a 4 bedroom waterfront home sold after 65 days on market for $1.5M. In the case of Rocco, both the listing and selling agent were within the Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty family. Again, Face time walk through was the technology of choice for the selling agent to familiarise the purchaser with the property, which was beyond their expectations.

  1. Water’s Edge
Listed by Patrick Staples

An oceanfront classically Caribbean home sits just on the Water’s Edge, as its moniker describes, with south facing views. Charming and idyllic, this 3 bedroom home on .6 of an acre was sold through a combination of the Turks and Caicos Real Estate Association network and technology. At $1.125M, the home sold after approximately 5 months, with a simple Face time walk through via iPhone, but with those views it’s easy to see why.

  1. Haven House
Listed by Dee Agingu, sold by Lisa Lopes

Sensing a theme emerging? Homes between $1-2M located in the area of Chalk Sound/Silly Creek are trending in the last few months. Haven House sold after 85 days on market for $1.1M. The three bedroom home was introduced to the buyers through a physical walk through once the islands opened up officially in July. Matter-ports were the technology of choice for these buyers, who reviewed multiple homes and dollhouse views before they were able to fly in for 48 hours. Once the scope had been narrowed, a Face time walk through was used to reaffirm their love for the property.

  1. The Grandview 302
Listed by Nina Siegenthaler and Richard Sankar, sold by Lisa Lopes

One of the prettiest little spots on the beach, the Grandview has long been an unimposing gentle residential resort with lots of appeal. Even so, the average time between listing and sale for condominiums usually runs between 12 – 18 months. This little beaut sold after 48 days on market from within the Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty family with the aid of a Face time walk through, for $1.5M.

  1. Villa Alamandra
Listed by Nina Siegenthaler, Sold by Imelda Burke

A Balinese dream and the second highest sale price in Silly Creek’s history – Villa Alamandra deviates slightly from the trends above, in that it has been on market a little longer than its neighbouring sales. What makes this story so unique is not the technology employed, Face time walk through was used here as well, but the fact the purchaser was a first time buyer in Turks & Caicos. At a sale price of $2.95M, that is a significant level of trust and investment in the country and the agents brokering this sale, and a reflection of the certainty the buyer had in this property being right for them. The confidence required to bring together the sale could only be achieved through the professionalism of the agents involved and the purchasers ability to see the property live.

In summary, we’re seeing an overall shortening of the length of time properties are sitting on market and a more focused view from buyers looking for the perfect home to ride out the remainder of the pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted not just our way of doing business for the better, it’s provided buyers with the motivation to take the step(s) they have been dreaming about. For some that means the purchase of a larger home, for others it means investing in the Turks and Caicos real estate market for the first time.

At Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty we remain at the forefront of brokerage leadership with the use of technology. Whether it’s the importance we place on digital listing assets through the use of high resolution photography and video, 3D virtual reality tours and Matter-ports (special shout out to our amazing Marketing Director Denise Douglas for putting these together), our apple TV app, streaming and syndication capabilities, our use of augmented reality through CURATE and Ro0omy, or simple Face time walk throughs to ensure we’ve found the right fit for our buyers and sellers. At Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty we believe in pivoting and staying ahead of the curve. No not that curve…which has now been flattened in the Turks & Caicos. Special acknowledgment to the Turks & Caicos Government for a job well done on flattening the curve, and providing the country with the Stamp Duty Tax reduction during this difficult time.

p.s. The Stamp Duty Tax reduction is still in place until 30th December 2020 on land and properties up to $2M.

Turks & Caicos Homes For Sale $1M – $2M

Turks & Caicos Condos For Sale $1M – $2M

Turks & Caicos Land For Sale $1M – $2M

By Courtney Chapman

11th November 2020

10 Opportunities Under $2M that Benefit from a 75% Reduction in Stamp Duty for the Next 30 Days

The Turks & Caicos Islands Government (‘TCIG’) has announced a Stamp Duty Waiver Policy (‘SDWP’) that will run for the next 90 days and is available to all eligible applicants that transact on a property valued up to $2M between Monday the 21st of September through Sunday the 20th December 2020. Wonderful news for those looking to purchase property in Turks & Caicos, or those wishing to sell their properties within this price bracket. The tiered SDWP rates are an important motivator for the market during this time and are further explained below:

Purchasers looking to purchase within the next 30 days (until Tuesday 20th October 2020) receive the greatest benefit of a 75% reduction in Stamp Duty. Purchasers looking to transact between Wednesday the 21st October and Friday the 20th November would benefit from a 50% reduction, and those looking to purchase between Saturday 21st November and Sunday the 20th December would receive a 25% Stamp Duty reduction.

The TCIG’s SDWP applies not only to homes up to $2M, but also on land purchases up to $2M and off plan new development purchases whereby the land is valued at under $2M. Whether you are looking for something ready built, a future investment, or to bank some land for a rainy day here is a list of 10 purchase opportunities that benefit from the SDWP:

1. Bamboo House

Bamboo House: Taylor Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands

“We have enjoyed the unforgettable sunset views over tranquil Taylor Bay and our ritual beach walks. We also love our small and secure community known as Sunset Bay and find it a real gem of a neighborhood.”

Owner of Bamboo House

Bamboo House priced at $1.95M is a 5 bedroom property in the beachfront community of Taylor Bay that epitomizes an island home, with sunset-facing views ocean views from the pool deck and water views over Chalk Sound National Park from the front entry. Built in 2014, the 4 bedroom Main House with 1-bed Guest House benefits from a large swimming pool and easy beach access to exclusive Taylor Bay beach. Did I mention you also have a private tennis court at your disposal? Oh wait…and there is also a .66 acre vacant beachfront lot priced at $1.35M, and offered separately for sale. Whether you’re planning an immediate move or have dreams of building your own beachfront home one day, this is an offering with appeal.

2. Beach Enclave North Shore Phase 2

Beach Enclave North Shore Phase 2 is a contemporary dream that sits next to, and shares amenities with Beach Enclave North Shore, the first of the acclaimed Beach Enclave properties. Now expanded to three villa enclaves in three different locations around Providenciales: North Shore, Grace Bay (fully sold out), and the South Shore on Long Bay beach (which offers an interesting mix of built standalone villas, Beach Houses – with 1 left that also qualifies for SDWP – and a boutique Club with a select number of private condominium suites), Beach Enclave is defined by tailor-made service and an increasingly contemporary aesthetic. Brazilian architects Jacobsen Arquitetura have created standout designs for phase 2 and the good news is that every home in Phase 2 qualifies for the SDWP.

3. Dolphin Lane

24 Dolphin Lane: Long Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands

Set atop a hillside in Long Bay, Dolphin Lane is a family home with everything you need, from a swimming pool, to a trampoline, a herb garden and more, and that’s just scratching the surface with this unique home ownership opportunity. Inside, the home is even more impressive, with mill work detail throughout, a custom kitchen and 4 bedrooms plus a media room. French doors open out to 360 degree views over Grace Bay. At $1.9M Dolphin Lane represents a rare opportunity to own a newly completed and custom designed family home that requires no renovation! Put those drills down and narrow in on this spectacular spot.

4. Sugar Reef

Sugar Reef Villa: Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos Islands

Gated? Tick. Ocean Views? Tick. Swimming pool? Tick. Large lot? Tick. Sugar Reef Villa, at approximately 4,000 SF, sitting on .99 of an acre overlooking the ocean, is a 4 bedroom home focused on relaxation. This is felt throughout every space, with all bedrooms benefiting from ocean views and an entire upper level dedicated to an open concept living and dining area plus kitchen that also looks out to the ocean. Shaded and uncovered entertainment and relaxation areas surround the pool and at $1.375M this property is offering so much benefit for your investment.

5. Rock House

“Rock House is perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand from buyers seeking their own retreats where privacy, space, high quality of design and service are likely to be even more sought-after”

Nina Siegenthaler Vice President of Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty

With 28 homes under construction, Rock House is moving rapidly towards completion and is on track for opening in Fall 2021. Rock House is designed by Coast Architects and brought to you by Grace Bay Resorts, Operator of Grace Bay Club, Point Grace, West Bay Club, The Residences, The Dunes and soon to be South Bank. Only 6 homes remain in phase 1 of Rock House, all of which qualify for the TCIG’s SDWP. Does an oceanfront Studio for $700K appeal to you? How about a Two Bedroom Oceanfront Home for $1.895M or Elevated Ridge Home for $1.995M? How about access to a virtually private beach? An oceanfront restaurant, fashioned after the resort properties of the Mediterranean? A 70 foot swimming pool?

6. Villa Rise

Villa Rise: Leeward Canal, Turks & Caicos Islands

At $1.795M in the prestigious community of Leeward, Villa Rise, offers an urban feel to its traditional Caribbean surrounds. Boat dock and access to Blue Haven Marina are two benefits of this 4 bedroom newly built contemporary home. Another is the private International School of the Turks & Caicos, being located a stone’s throw away.

7. South Bank

South Bank, the latest development from Windward, the team behind Blue Cay Estate and the Peninsula at Emerald Estate, is a residential resort and marina development along Long Bay beach. The first of its kind, South Bank’s homes range from 3 – 6 bedrooms and all enjoy a unique relationship to water. The Lagoon homes offer a peaceful beach front location, some with private docks. The Ocean Estate homes are larger and occupy an oceanfront position. Soft contemporary architectural designs from London/TCI based Blee Halligan, boat concierge services, an affiliated marina, tennis court, restaurant, spa, management and operation from Grace Bay Resorts and easy access to the ocean for outer island exploration, are a handful of the winning features of South Bank.

8. Bianca Sands

Bianca Sands 301: Grace Bay beach, Turks & Caicos Islands

Bianca Sands 301 is offered at $1.65M and occupies a supreme position overlooking Grace Bay beach. This rare high-level 3 bedroom corner unit is conveniently located in the Regent Village, comprised of retail shops, a coffee shop and multiple restaurants. Miles of powdery white sand await, just outside your sun-soaked terrace.

9. Coral View Villa

Coral View Villa: Richmond Commons, Turks & Caicos Islands

Overlooking West Grace Bay beach and sitting atop a 45 foot ridge, Coral View Villa offers a lot of house with 4,505 SF and 3 bedrooms for its list price of $1.375M. If you’ve been keeping an eye on this property or hoping to move into a bigger house, take a closer look now – this may just be the moment you have been waiting for.

10. The Sands

The Sands 3309.10: Grace Bay beach, Turks & Caicos Islands

The Sands is located in the heart of Grace Bay, the No.1 beach in the world. Tastefully furnished and enjoying a penthouse position, 3309.10 enjoys warm easterly sea-breezes and direct ocean views, as well as flexibility for rentals (dividing up into a 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom for multiple rental options). 3309.10 isn’t the only unit available for purchase that qualifies for the SDWP, take a look and start planning your purchase today.

Land Opportunities Under $2M

Home Opportunities Under $2M

Condominium Opportunities Under $2M

By Courtney Chapman

22nd September 2020