Turtle Tail Estate Sells for $20.25M

Turtle Tail Estate is a dynamic, spectacular villa compound to completely fall in love with and is without peer on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Over the past few years, Turtle Tail Estate has welcomed a myriad of high-profile international travelers, offering complete privacy and seclusion It combines the personalization of a custom home with the amenities of an ultra-luxury resort, elevated on a magnificent private 4.57 acre peninsula all its own.  This extremely well managed family resort-like retreat with beautifully landscaped grounds, gardens and protected sandy shore provides an opportunity for immediate gratification to its new owner, with the opportunity for expansion if desired.

States President and Broker Joe Zahm: “It has been a career highlight for my partner Nina Siegenthaler and me to successfully list and sell this iconic property, which has often been seen globally throughout the real estate world and on social media. It has been a true labor of love.”

Turtle Tail Estate sold this week for $20.25M, the largest residential sale recorded so far this year for the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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3 Architectural Firms that are Redefining Caribbean Design

We’re all familiar with the trademarks of traditional Caribbean architecture. Wrap around verandahs, louvered windows, stone walls, arched doorways and colourful shutters functioning as both embellishment and protection. These homes have long served as staples of our history, peppering the shorelines and hilltops of Providenciales, from the original settlements, to the first wave of foreigner migration to T&C’s shores, with builds pioneered by the Ward family.

With development now taking on more of a steady rolling swell, rather than a crest with peaks and troughs, the last decade of T&C’s home design has seen the emergence of a more contemporary aesthetic. As a personal example I (FINALLY) made the transition from an open air home with louvered windows and gorgeous breezes through most of the year, to hurricane rated glass windows and an eco-friendly air condition system 🙂 As an avid lover of traditional Caribbean design, I never thought I’d say this, but I haven’t looked back since.

My example is a humble residential perspective of someone who feels deep roots to this timeless aesthetic, but with a steady influx of international buyers, I’m not alone in my pursuit of home design with an increasingly modern tilt. Below are 3 architectural firms that are truly transforming the landscape of Providenciales and redefining how we think about Caribbean design:

  1. Blee Halligan Architects

London and TCI based firm Blee Halligan Architects cut their teeth as development partner to Windward on the Blue Cay project and have continued this partnership on the South Bank project and The Peninsula at Emerald Estate, four standalone contemporary Beach Houses on the exclusive northeastern tip of Leeward, which are undeniably the showpiece properties of the collection. Blee also works on private projects throughout Providenciales, building on their design ethos of building in nature; designing for specific geographic, climatic and cultural nuances of the locale.

  1. Jacobsen Arquitetura

Beach Enclave is known for outside the box thinking, enter stage left, the first ever South American architectural firm to design in the Turks and Caicos. Hired to create minimalist low impact designs for the Beach Enclave Long Bay expansion and Beach Enclave North Shore second phase, Jacobsen Arquitetura successfully provided integrated designs to two seemingly varying sites. Linear design using natural materials, space and light, combine to create comforting ordered spaces with zero distractions to evoke a feeling of calm, provided by both the clean interiors and tropical views the designs overlook.

  1. James Hamilton Architects

With over 20 years’ experience designing homes in Turks & Caicos as well as an international presence in Ireland and Great Britain, James Hamilton Architects pride themselves on empathetic design, with their clients needs at the heart of their process. A browse through their website will illustrate the numerous projects they’ve been involved in, and the varied nature of the homes they can produce. A personal favourite is Villa Fred, which marries the softness of cedar shingled roofing, order of symmetry and more modern linear elements like planked roofing, recessed lighting and pocket sliding doors opening to expansive views.

Why I Love December in Turks and Caicos

  1. The Trade-winds are back
Sunset over Grace Bay beach

Anyone who has lived in the Equatorial zone, or has traveled to the Caribbean/S. America over the years during Christmas season, will be familiar with the Trade-winds. The Trade-winds, dominate most of the tropics and subtropics throughout the world and are a nearly constant (they only drop away during end of September and October) northeasterly wind in our hemisphere, that starts to blow in November of every year. By the time December rolls around we experience whether akin to Aspen, Colorado.  Think bright blue skies with the sun beating down, but a cool chill in the air.  Substitute snow-capped mountains for swaying palm trees and sandy beaches and you begin to get a feel for the special draw of Turks and Caicos (‘T&C’) during the holiday Christmas period.

  1. Boat trips
Coral is beautiful to look at, but we don’t allow it to be taken out of the sea 🙂

Every December 26th since I was a child, we have enjoyed a Boxing Day boat trip on the Atabeyra.  For those with British heritage you’re familiar with the joys of Boxing Day, which for all intents and purposes, is a much less chaotic day than its forefathers Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Irish call it Wren Day, other countries call it St Stephen’s Day, but for all who celebrate it, in practicality it has become a day to relax and unwind after the stress of the holiday season is over, and gather with friends and family to enjoy a final day of good food and great company.  If you can enjoy this holiday, or any other day in December on a boat, you’re quids in!  Boating is a year-round event in T&C, and it doesn’t stop during Christmas.  The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and we’re still swimming in the ocean.  Granted the sea may be a little colder than we locals like it, but there’s no better way to wash off the cobwebs than taking a Boxing Day plunge, and let’s face it, anyone from the Northeastern seaboard or Europe would laugh if they heard us admitting we find it a little cold!  The temperature is akin to taking a dip in the Mediterranean during Summer time, refreshingly cool, enough to enliven your skin and leave you feeling renewed and energized.

  1. Inter-island travel is open again
Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos

If you, like many, have been confined to your homes/apartments since the outbreak of COVID-19, self-isolating, locked-down and going through the rigmarole of at home schooling like the saint that you are, imagine jumping on a ferry with your family (face mask on of course) and making your way over to North Caicos (population approx. 1,500).  From North Caicos, you can rent a car and head over to Middle Caicos on the causeway to explore the caves and bluffs with virtually no one else in sight. Fresh air, clean breezes, big ocean and natural adventures abound in North and Middle Caicos, and are just what the doctor ordered after months and months of quarantine. Sure, you can stay cooped up in your apartment until the frost from winter thaws, or you can safely enjoy all that T&C’s sister islands have to offer, and give your family the gift of a memory they may not have otherwise had.

  1. Outdoor Activities
Tip of the Tail Villa

With the end of the dreaded hurricane season in November, December’s climate is well known as the most hospitable environment for international travelers. We’ve talked about boating and beaching, but there is no end of outdoor activities to take advantage of.  With highs in the low 80’s and lows in the high 70’s, December is a perfect time to get on that kayak or paddle-board and explore miles and miles of unspoiled natural environment. Mangroves, the same ecosystem that protects our shorelines during hurricanes, are peaceful and rife with small marine life, turtles and bird watching for the nature lovers out there.  There are many places where you can enjoy these activities conveniently just by stepping out of your private villa’s backyard, like Tip of the Tail Villa.  Otherwise you can join one of the many operators on a guided tour of these precious ecosystems.  I especially like Big Blue Collective who have long been ahead of the game in focusing on small private groups and preservation of the flora and fauna of T&C.

  1. The Seven Stars Xmas tree
Shot by Kaieri Media

Call me crazy, but without the usual queues of the seasons you receive when you live in the Temperate zone, its tough to know when Xmas is on its way.  We tend to live in a perpetual endless summer in T&C, but there are a few key indicators that the Christmas season is well under way.  The first of these signs is the lighting of the giant Christmas tree that has long been an annual tradition.  In years gone by the space that Seven Stars now occupies, used to be home to one of the first resorts in T&C, the Ramada, and after that it changed hands to the Allegro.  Those times are a distant memory now, and it’s hard to imagine a time when Seven Stars wasn’t Seven Stars.  The resorts on this prime beachfront land are so varied in aesthetics, but the one common feature, other than the land they’ve occupied, is the lighting of the Xmas tree.  That’s the thing about traditions, they stand the test of time.

Written by:

Courtney Chapman

6 Properties Sold with the Help of Technology


Video provided by Kaieri Media

You may have heard the term “disruptor” being thrown around over the last few years. Uber Eats would be a well known example, as a company that caused radical change to an existing industry or market by means of innovation, in this case to the F&B industry. Air B&B would be another example of a disruptor company for the Hospitality industry. Though we technically can’t categorise COVID-19 as a company, the virus’s advancement worldwide, has caused radical change, not only to the way we do business in all private sectors, but also to the way we live. The term disruptor is somewhat misleading, in that it implies a negative interference with the norm. Though change on any level can be unsettling, the Uber Eats and Air B&B’s of the world have brought positive improvements to the F&B and Hospitality industries, by widening the traditional net of employment and consumer base through convenience and accessibility.

In 2020 the COVID-19 virus has been the disruptor of the Real Estate industry. Our process for selling homes still relies ultimately on the guiding principles of trust and connection with our buyers and sellers, but we have had to pivot quickly to replace what has traditionally been a face to face industry, marked by in person viewings and showings. With the help of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and the importance placed on the use of technology, thankfully we’ve been in a position to make the most of our new reality and cater to our clients needs by hosting virtual spotlights, creating 3D virtual Matter-ports, and taking buyers on Facetime walk throughs. Below is a list of 6 properties sold, either wholly, or with the assistance of technology.

  1. The Wright House
Listed and sold by Michael Bovell

The Wright House in Chalk Sound, overlooks Silly Creek with waterfront vistas abounding. A perfect example of the power of technology to affect a sale and purchaser. The Wright House was listed in July 2020 and sold after 37 days on market, all, wait for it…virtually. The purchasers were familiar with Turks & Caicos and made contact with the listing agent who toured them through the property on Face time and found a connection for them – a perfect fit of homeowner with home – they loved the decor, the layout, the views, the location, and the property had signed contracts for its purchase within two weeks of the list date for $1.1M.

  1. Villa Rocco
Listed by Michael Bovell, sold by Dee Agingu

Just across the way from The Wright House, in private Silly Creek estate, Villa Rocco, a 4 bedroom waterfront home sold after 65 days on market for $1.5M. In the case of Rocco, both the listing and selling agent were within the Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty family. Again, Face time walk through was the technology of choice for the selling agent to familiarise the purchaser with the property, which was beyond their expectations.

  1. Water’s Edge
Listed by Patrick Staples

An oceanfront classically Caribbean home sits just on the Water’s Edge, as its moniker describes, with south facing views. Charming and idyllic, this 3 bedroom home on .6 of an acre was sold through a combination of the Turks and Caicos Real Estate Association network and technology. At $1.125M, the home sold after approximately 5 months, with a simple Face time walk through via iPhone, but with those views it’s easy to see why.

  1. Haven House
Listed by Dee Agingu, sold by Lisa Lopes

Sensing a theme emerging? Homes between $1-2M located in the area of Chalk Sound/Silly Creek are trending in the last few months. Haven House sold after 85 days on market for $1.1M. The three bedroom home was introduced to the buyers through a physical walk through once the islands opened up officially in July. Matter-ports were the technology of choice for these buyers, who reviewed multiple homes and dollhouse views before they were able to fly in for 48 hours. Once the scope had been narrowed, a Face time walk through was used to reaffirm their love for the property.

  1. The Grandview 302
Listed by Nina Siegenthaler and Richard Sankar, sold by Lisa Lopes

One of the prettiest little spots on the beach, the Grandview has long been an unimposing gentle residential resort with lots of appeal. Even so, the average time between listing and sale for condominiums usually runs between 12 – 18 months. This little beaut sold after 48 days on market from within the Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty family with the aid of a Face time walk through, for $1.5M.

  1. Villa Alamandra
Listed by Nina Siegenthaler, Sold by Imelda Burke

A Balinese dream and the second highest sale price in Silly Creek’s history – Villa Alamandra deviates slightly from the trends above, in that it has been on market a little longer than its neighbouring sales. What makes this story so unique is not the technology employed, Face time walk through was used here as well, but the fact the purchaser was a first time buyer in Turks & Caicos. At a sale price of $2.95M, that is a significant level of trust and investment in the country and the agents brokering this sale, and a reflection of the certainty the buyer had in this property being right for them. The confidence required to bring together the sale could only be achieved through the professionalism of the agents involved and the purchasers ability to see the property live.

In summary, we’re seeing an overall shortening of the length of time properties are sitting on market and a more focused view from buyers looking for the perfect home to ride out the remainder of the pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted not just our way of doing business for the better, it’s provided buyers with the motivation to take the step(s) they have been dreaming about. For some that means the purchase of a larger home, for others it means investing in the Turks and Caicos real estate market for the first time.

At Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty we remain at the forefront of brokerage leadership with the use of technology. Whether it’s the importance we place on digital listing assets through the use of high resolution photography and video, 3D virtual reality tours and Matter-ports (special shout out to our amazing Marketing Director Denise Douglas for putting these together), our apple TV app, streaming and syndication capabilities, our use of augmented reality through CURATE and Ro0omy, or simple Face time walk throughs to ensure we’ve found the right fit for our buyers and sellers. At Turks and Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty we believe in pivoting and staying ahead of the curve. No not that curve…which has now been flattened in the Turks & Caicos. Special acknowledgment to the Turks & Caicos Government for a job well done on flattening the curve, and providing the country with the Stamp Duty Tax reduction during this difficult time.

p.s. The Stamp Duty Tax reduction is still in place until 30th December 2020 on land and properties up to $2M.

Turks & Caicos Homes For Sale $1M – $2M

Turks & Caicos Condos For Sale $1M – $2M

Turks & Caicos Land For Sale $1M – $2M

By Courtney Chapman

11th November 2020

Six $10M+ Home Sales in Turks and Caicos in the Last 5 Years

The Residence: COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

In the last decade, Turks and Caicos Islands (‘TCI’) has become known as a preferred location for High Net Worth (‘HNW’) and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (‘UHNWI’).

With year-round sunshine, clear turquoise waters and easy accessibility from most major North American cities and London, UK, it is easy to understand why TCI’s real estate market has moved from strength to strength. Strong fundamentals: an economy utilising the US dollar, a friendly local government strengthened by a UK Governor, a handful of innovative and professional architects, builders, and real estate professionals, and no annual property taxes sustain the market. 

More importantly however, this rise to fame as a HNW and UHNWI location, is directly attributable to one serendipitous timeline that begins in the late 80’s with the first wave of development.  This period and slow crawl towards tourism saw quality low-density condominium resorts arising with a maximum of 3 levels, a requirement that remained in place until the 90’s with small increases in the 2000’s. This low-density mindset has left much of TCI relatively untouched, providing ample space for private development amongst generous backdrops, and has ensured its attractiveness to the HNW and UHNWI, many of whom lead busy lives and look to our market for second or third homes that provide privacy, tranquility and natural beauty.  

If you have never visited TCI, imagine the tranquility of the beaches of Cayman Islands or Barbados, but without swarms of beach loungers or someone trying to sell you a trinket, now breath out 😊, and let me walk you through some of our most impressive sales of the last five years.

1. Celebrity Home Sale in Parrot Cay

The Residence: COMO Resort, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

In July 2019, The Residence sold for $27M, weighing in as the second highest sale price in TCI (hint-hint: the highest sale price was also located on Parrot Cay). With box-office record breaking films like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and the Sixth Sense under his belt, this American actor with German roots fell in love with a plot of land in Parrot Cay in the 1990s and set about creating a family compound which spanned roughly 8 acres and includes three homes, set apart distinctly over a remarkable sunset-facing beachfront cove. With 11 bedrooms, wrap around decking and an expansive 35,000 SF, this home saw multiple birthdays, summer and winter holidays, and most recently a vow renewal, before it took its place with its rightful new owner. 

2. A Musical Legend’s Estate Sells in Turtle Tail

Prince’s Island Estate: Turtle Tail, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

This is what it sounds like when…. history is made and one chapter closes. The musical icon that brought us hits such as “Purple Rain”, “When Doves Cry”, and my personal favourite “Raspberry Beret”, purchased land on a rare peninsula in Turtle Tail, housing only one other neighbour. Complete with two adjacent waterfront land parcels of 2.74 acres, this Estate’s glory is attributable not only to its legendary ownership, but also due to it selling in under five months on market. The 5.74 peninsula with 6 bedrooms over nearly 10,000 SF sold after utilising Ro0omy technology to virtually curate the interiors, in June 2019, for $10.8M.

3. A Beachfront Bajan Beauty sells along Grace Bay 

Coral House: Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Coral House: an Oliver Messel inspired design based on the coral stone homes he famously created in Barbados, can be found along Grace Bay beach.  It is hard to miss this timeless masterpiece. Coral House sits proudly and peacefully on powder white sand with easy ocean access, marking the beginning of the more residential zone of Grace Bay beach. At over 12,000 SF, with a gourmet kitchen, 6 bedrooms, a library, office for those zoom calls, breakfast room and more, Coral House is a dream family home.  Neighboured by its sister property Coral Pavilion (sold in 2019 for $9.12M and available for private rentals via islandhouselvm.com), Coral House has no other immediate neighbours, enhancing the appeal of its locale. This rare home sold for $10.6M in October 2019.

4. Private Home Sale at COMO Parrot Cay Turks & Caicos 

Serenity Villa: COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Serviced by COMO Parrot Cay, Serenity villa sits amongst an unequaled panorama of unspoilt beach, luminous ocean, and infinite skies. With 373 feet of sugary sand over 5.38 lush acres, the home is nestled in a stunning half moon bay, offering 8,645 SF of impeccable living under roof. Serenity Villa is a beachfront estate like no other, with a design ethos that is sensitive to its surroundings, reflecting the glorious natural aesthetic for which Parrot Cay is known. The property sold for $17M during the summer of 2017 and marks the third most expensive home sale on the exclusive island of Parrot Cay.  This private sanctuary near the water’s edge includes high-speed Wi-Fi and custom music (part of the villa’s master AV system), a refreshing outdoor shower and a beautiful cabana with a suspended circular daybed.

5. Dreams from Dallas Sold in COMO Parrot Cay Turks & Caicos 

Oliver’s Cove: COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Oliver’s Cove is a property close to my heart – it is as traditional as it is eccentric. With swathes of Royal Palms and verdant lawn, the elegant Caribbean exterior design alludes to the home of Oscar De La Renta in Punta Cana, but step inside and marvel at the surprisingly eclectic mix of antiques and custom touches. Hand-troweled Venetian plaster throughout, with aged exposed timber beams, hickory flooring and a pair of antique French doors at entry to the home, set Oliver’s Cove apart as a premier estate on the private paradise of Parrot Cay. With 7 bedrooms between the Main House and Guest House and nearly 800 FT of beach frontage over 6.54 acres, Oliver’s Cove set a record-breaking price when it sold in February 2016 for $27.45M, making it the highest sales price in TCI.

6. Amazing Grace in Leeward Set the Pace for Emerald Beach

Amazing Grace: Leeward, Turks and Caicos Islands

Amazing Grace sold in 2015 for $15.1M in the exclusive eastern end of the residential neighbourhood of Leeward, known as Emerald Beach. Emerald Beach is home to mega-estates, all of which benefit from wide expanses of virtually private beachfront. At Amazing Grace, white-washed interiors provide a sense of peace throughout while the traditionally Caribbean property boasts 282 feet of superb white sand beachfront right outside. With 8.4 acres, it was sold complete with direct and canal and dock access, a popular feature amongst the ultra-luxury properties of this location. Since the sale of Amazing Grace, Emerald Beach has become better known as a location for those searching for exclusivity and tranquility

The TCI HNW and UHNWI market is on the rise, with no signs of letting up in the face of a pandemic. In fact, the appeal of our fundamentals seems to be on the rise too.

By Courtney Chapman

14th September 2020

Second Home Significant Properties – 5 Beach and Waterfront Homes with Style

By Courtney Chapman 

20th August 2020

Turtle Tail Estate, Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos Islands 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people the world over are reassessing their needs and living situations. With rising numbers fleeing to the suburbs, we are seeing renewed importance placed on homeownership that values privacy amidst natural surrounds. A retreat that acts as both sanctuary and with functionality, to meet the needs of modern families in our “new normal” enivorn, where it’s proving possible that we may be experiencing “togetherness” with only our immediate family members for some time to come. The hour long work commute is quickly being replaced by home offices, and classrooms of 25+ children with quiet mutifunctional spaces for homeschooling.  What was once the convenience of life in the city center is rapidly being replaced with the quest for tranquility, a type of peace of mind that is achieved only through living your day-to-day in a remote location. If you too are reprioiritising your life focus towards health, longevity, closeness of family and calm surrounds, here are 5 properties that will ease your spirit and tick every box on the list. 

Complete privacy and seclusion in Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos Islands

Turtle Tail Estate – Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos Islands 

With multiple pools and unparalleled infrastructure, including an ocean facing home office, fitness center, home theatre, and commercial kitchen, Turtle Tail Estate, has been masterfully executed as more than just a private home.  It is essentially an ultra-luxury resort onto itself, with onsite amenities such as a tennis court, games room, wine cellar and a 75’ private boat dock for yacht mooring. Add in 270-degree views from its position on an elevated 4.57-acre peninsula all on its own, masterfully executed architectural and interior detail, and this well managed family resort-like retreat provides everything you might be looking for. 

Multi-generational opportunity in Emerald Point, Turks & Caicos Islands

The Peninsula at Emerald Estate – Emerald Point, Turks & Caicos Islands 

Perfectly positioned on the eastern end of Leeward’s sought after North shore, the Peninsula at Emerald Estate offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reside in a tropically landscaped private cul de sac, with views and access to an assortment of uninhabited cays to the east, and renowned Grace Bay beach to the west. Four custom pre-construction beach house designs embody high-level soft contemporary design, with interiors by B&B Italia, on approximately 1-acre beachfront sites, that take care to embody the natural beauty of their location. After you’ve wrapped your head around the unprecedented frontage, 215 – 320 feet, take your private boat from Leeward canal just behind the property and explore the majestic beaches of Donna Cay, Little Water Cay and beyond. 

Quintessential Caribbean charm in Turtle Cove, Turks & Caicos Islands

Lizard Lounge – Turtle Cove, Turks & Caicos Islands 

Impeccably detailed throughout, this newly completed (2019) stunning classical Caribbean villa boasts a beachfront pool, hot tub, grill station, al fresco dining and lounging, with an electronic gate, solar, propane and full backup generator, and that’s just naming the outdoor features. Once you enter Lizard Lounge, a family-friendly vision of luxury presents through a large island kitchen with entertainment bar, Miele appliances, stone tile flooring, traditional Caribbean ‘pickled’ timber flooring, elegant and extensive custom millwork and built-ins and more. Even the name of the road it lives on is quintessentially Caribbean, come and see the home for yourself on “Coconut Road”, Turtle Cove. 

Contemporary living in a boat lover’s community in Long Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands

Dune Villas, South Bank – Long Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands 

Bedded into the landscape, the two Dune Villas at South Bank, revere the horizon line from atop a 25 ft. dune on the western end of Long Bay beach in the esteemed Ocean Estate neighborhood. With over 3 miles of unspoilt beachfront, and some of the finest ocean views stretching in front of you, unencumbered (glass balustrades) and vast in their southern facing vantage, South Bank is a resort and marina community with something for everyone. There are two other waterfront neighborhoods, including 1 – 3-bedroom Boathouses and smaller 3 – 5-bedroom beachfront homes, all with their own unique relationship to the water. Amenities for the Dune Villas however, include an elevator to take you over 3 floors (yes there are 3 floors!), prep kitchen, multifunctional room for gym, office, staff quarters or similar, owner’s storage & a two car garage, as well as access to a clubhouse, spa, private lounging islands and a slew of boat lover perks like fueling, provisioning, and wet/dry docking for preferential rates.  

Move in ready beachfront oasis in Emerald Point, Turks & Caicos Islands

Villa Chill – Emerald Point, Turks & Caicos Islands 

In addition to six bedrooms benefitting from beachfront views, Villa Chill also boasts a further two bedrooms, located in a standalone guest house with its own private plunge pool. Spanning 11,000 total square feet and 120 feet of frontage in the safe-haven of Leeward, known for its seclusion, one of the finest beaches is steps from your door, and the views are stellar, the whole house having been raised above grade to take full advantage of the beachfront position. Retreat here and enjoy time with your nearest and dearest full time, or as a seasonal residence, for vacation use or lucrative short-term rentals. 

With multiple beachfront options at your fingertips, the homes here will be sure to appeal to both the solitary recluse and the adventure seeker in you.  What are you waiting for?

Welcome Back to Turks and Caicos

Wondering Whether We’re Open to Visitors Again? Here is Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Travel Plans to Turks and Caicos Islands

Our borders are open to international travel and we are welcoming visitors to our shores. If you wish to take a holiday in Turks & Caicos simply follow the three steps below.

Prior to arrival you will have to submit 3 items to the TCI Assured Portal for pre-approval as follows:

  1. A negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 5 days of travel (click Vault Health for an approved at home testing service for travel to Turks and Caicos)
  2. Proof of medical insurance (click TCI Safe for an approved travel insurance provider)
  3. And a health screening form

Once you have been approved through the TCI Assured Portal, you will receive your Travel Authorisation Certificate via email and are all set to travel. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be asked to provide your Travel Authorisation Certificate at check in, and then allowed to proceed to the departure lounge.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Turks & Caicos.

Turks & Caicos Islands Government Announces Stimulus Package Including Stamp Duty Reduction

The Turks & Caicos Islands Government has approved a full package of benefits that will serve as a direct economic stimulus following the fall out in economic activities across the Islands as a result of the global pandemic – COVID 19. The stimulus package is planned to lessen the impact of the global crisis on residents, whilst allowing the Ministry of Health to strengthen health policy responses.

Included in the stimulus package, as it relates to real estate, are the following initiatives and exemptions for a three-month period to assist with boosting inward investment:

  1. Reduction of 50% in Stamp Duty for a period of three months
  2. 50% of reduction of planning fees for a period of three months
  3. A waiver of Customs Duties on Construction Materials for a period of three months

There will be a review of same after the initial period of April 1 to June 30, 2020.

Link to Stamp Duty Rates

We are grateful for the past many years of successes and we are hopeful that this will carry our islands through this unprecedented challenge. We are here to assist you and our community, albeit from a distance, as we all “stay at home” to do our part in protecting our community and health care workers.

Take good care – we will see you on the other side of this.

The Bight by Dream Hotel Group Celebrate Launch with TCI Block Party

The Bight by Dream Hotel Group Celebrates the Launch of its 66-Suite / 89-Key Condo-Hotel Project in Partnership with Celebrated Brand & Management Company Dream Hotel Group

On Tuesday 11th February, Grace Bay, Providenciales came to life with an inspired Block Party Event to celebrate the official launch of The Bight by Dream Hotel Group and their new partnership with NYC-based Dream Hotel Group, who will now serve as Manager and Operator for the 66-suite/89-hotel key project.  The event took place between Sandbox and Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty’s office with music by renowned DJ Munro spilling over to the streets and a botanical jungle theme scape that flowed throughout both venues, intertwining the buildings to one another.  If the refreshingly simple and stunningly creative ambience is anything to go by, this development is off to a progressive start. 

Ryan Jones and Natalie Zaidan of the EA Group are best known for the hip local coffee spot, Lemon-to-go-café and their successful landscaping company Environmental Arts, but this powerhouse couple, who have called Turks & Caicos their home for close to two decades, are lesser known for the multiple hats they wear, which include construction, real estate development and sales, art production, rum and vodka distilling and their latest food and beverage venue Sandbox, which caters to the on trend phenomenon of health conscious consuming.  No mini sliders here. EA Group is always one step ahead of the curve.  Everything from the mood, to the canapes was refreshing.  Guests dined on air fried vegetable samosas and mini chicken satay, to name a few, and quenched their thirst with coconut water housed in Turks & Caicos grown coconuts provided by local business owner, JJ Jennings of Coco Vibes.  The signature “cocktail with a Bight” was a spicy margarita with a slight bite as the name suggests. 

Between speeches guests posed amongst giant foam letters that playfully encircled the Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International office, spelling out “The Bight Hotel”.  As the night progressed and guests, hoteliers, Government officials, and friends filled the space, Ryan Jones spoke to the crowd and announced his vision and dream of bringing an authentic, experience-based condo-hotel to the Turks and Caicos that focuses on lifestyle.

“So why do you want to build a hotel?  Why do you want to be in this business?  What is the origin story of this project? Natalie and I live in the Bight. This is our home, and we love the country.  I loved it enough that I made my life here and had my kids here. We wanted to recreate the magical Turks and Caicos experience that people have when they come here for the first time and never leave.  We want to share that with people. We were looking at the market and thought the five-star market is really well-served by a whole bunch of guys who have done an amazing job. The market that really needs to be addressed is the four-star boutique market with culture, design, art, experiences, and adventure. We wanted to align what we did with our life and that’s why we decided to build a hotel here. Then it was a matter of finding the right management partner. An established, creative and inspiring team to bring our vision to life.

“The Bight by Dream Hotel Group will cater to travelers and owners who share a passion for design, community, and food and beverage —all while celebrating the natural beauty and culture of the islands,” added Jeff Donnelly, Vice President of Development, Dream Hotel Group. “In our partnership with EA Group, we are committed to delivering a fresh and exciting experience to the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

Following a soft launch in April 2019, the last 10 months have seen 10 reservations.  That’s an average of one reservation per month, a staggering number for an overseas jurisdiction and a new developer. Further confirmation that design- and lifestyle-driven EA Group have their finger on the pulse of the next real estate trend. 

“The Bight by Dream Hotel Group is lean, and it’s designed for short term vacation rental.  There’s no fat.  What do you say?” Joe Zahm Presidentof Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty asked DeveloperRyan Jones, “Everything you need and nothing you don’t need. I look at it with the great end in mind. It is designed for the end user from the beginning with a real hotel lobby and bar, and a real vibe and lifestyle experience attached to it. And when you factor in the connectivity, elegance and simplicity of the design, at a wonderful price point, this will well serve the market, who really want to be part of the investment class, where your return on investment is just better per square foot.  And when you add on just a great amenity set that’s going to be a part of the Bight, and you also add to that just amazingly smashing outlooks with the only elevated property and true beach access. It’s really a combination to die for.”

So what’s next for the EA Group you ask? More sweat and hard work. Starting with digging trenches in the Bight neighborhood to begin burying those old power lines and transforming the area to the beautiful vision Natalie and Ryan started dreaming about over seven years ago.  Look out for more information on the underground power line initiative and the beautification of this local neighborhood.


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As Originally Reported by The Wall Street Journal

Listed on March 29th, 2019 for $33 million, the long-time 13,500-square foot- beachfront Parrot Cay Estate of Bruce Willis, The Residence, has sold for $27 millionafter less than 4 months on market with Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty .

As exclusively reported by the Wall Street Journal on 29th March, 2019Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming-Willis listed The Residenceon Parrot Cay for sale.
“Bruce started vacationing with his family in Parrot Cay and staying at the COMO Parrot Cay Hotel in the 90’s. He fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the island, staked a beautiful plot of land(now the most desirable part of the island) and built a wonderful compound for both his family and friends.”- Emma Heming-Willis

“For the past 20 years we have made so many beautiful memories on the island…It’s a place that when you step on the boatbound to Parrot Cay, you start to feel any stress melt away.We also instantly feel more connected to nature, a rarity in this day and age.” – Emma Heming-Willis

The sale price of $27 million marks the second significant sale of 2019 for Nina Siegenthaler and Joe Zahm of Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty, following on the recent sale of Prince’s Island Estate last month for $10.8 million. The sale also signifies the second most significant sale in Turks & Caicos Islands’ history, landing just short of the number one spot, after the sale of another Parrot Cay property by the same team, for $27.45 million in February 2016

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